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HIRSCHENPLATZ Niederdorfstrasse Hirschengasse ★ Is everything going to fast in your life and you want to pull the emergency brake on your imaginary high speed train to the death? Slow down and smoke one of the finest Havana cigars in the smokers lounge named Tina Bar, built like the superior deck of the Titanic and feel the time is holding on, till the music is over.
Harry French 09.06.2014

GLOCKEN HAUS Glockengasse Rennweg ★ Churrasco Steakhouse is the name of it and that stands for meat at its highest level, just amazing. Steaks, Entrecotes, Rumpsteaks, Rib-Eyes, Filets, Bife Argentino and Chimichurri, wow. And that wow stands for the high bill afterwards. If you think, you didn't get paid back right for what you are ripping your ass off in this tough life. Do yourself a favour and reward yourself with that fabulous taste of an expensive 300g New York Club Steak. That gives you more satisfaction than everything else.
Harry French 07.06.2014

CHINAWIESE Chinagarten Zürich ★ Yes there is a China garden, but a lot more interesting is the Le Corbusier House right next to the toilets of the China garden also named as "Heidi Weber Museum". This House is now in ownership of the government of Zurich, which means that the Corbusier house gets a really nice facelift paid by the inhabitants of Zurich! So always keep in mind if you have to wait desperately in front of the toilet, there ;-)
Sandy Low-Grain 20.05.2014

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