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CityHEAT for consumers
See what's on the Grills around you and enjoy fabulous grilled and cooked specialties prepared by next door professional or private chefs. Swipe left or right to see what's offered around you...

CityHEAT for sellers
You need just a Grill and a smartphone with internet connection, gps antenna and built in photo camera. Click on the big flashing Grill and after you answered 3 times in a row the right capital city in the World-Quiz you're allowed to create your own Grill and start selling your fabulous specialties to hungry people around you...

Properties for sellers
- 1 hour time to sell
- 7 km visibility around you
- option to show, "vegetarian", "fish" and "no pork"
- option to show your mobile number
- option to promote your Grill on facebook and twitter
- option to give 30% or 50% discount
- ranking, popularity and competitor display
- max pieces = 30
- max PPU = 30
- currencies are USD, EUR, CHF, GBP

CityHEAT glossary
PPU = Price Per Unit
# = All competitors around 7km / your popularity ranking

What is CityHEAT
It's just a online website made in Switzerland witch allows users to discover new food and food sellers to earn small amounts of money by selling their food. The quality of the food on CityHEAT needs the be checked by yourself. The selling contract arise between the seller himself and the consumer who buy the piece. CityHEAT dose not take any charge or fees of any seller or selling item. CityHEAT eludes any kind of liability. It's not allowed to sell something other than food on CityHEAT!